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We help the owners of gyms and sports centers to grow their business, providing them with all the skills and support they need, through a network of expert and selected professionals.

Whether you run a large gym or a small personal training studio, sports club or commercial gym, we can help you get the most out of your business.

Formazione e servizi per Gym Owner


Design standard operative procedures to make your organisation working like a swiss watch.

Formazione e servizi per gym owner


Attract new members and retain the ones you already have through a uniqe experience.


Learn to manage technology to optimize information flows and streamline bureaucracy.

Human Resources

Get the skills to create a strong work team capable of achieving all the goals.


Find a mentor always by your side to help you in the most difficult daily choices.


Join the purchase group to buy top branded equipment at exclusive prices.

Define your goals with us and how to achieve them.

It doesn't matter if you are starting a new business or think you deserve more from your existing business.

We provide you with all the training tools to develop your fitness business according to your goals, giving you all the skills an entrepreneur needs to achieve success.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are owners and managers of gyms and sports centers, just like you, who have decided to change their existence by transforming their gyms into a real organized and efficient business. If you are wondering how to join them, click the button below. You are just a few clicks away.

Daniela Priante

Owner at CrossFit Playa del Ingles - Isole Canarie

When you finish your trip, you would like to keep them with you at the Box forever and consult them like a magical book.

But the truth is that they lead you to ask yourself some important questions, to make sense of the things you do, to embark on the first part of a new journey and to teach you to continue on your own feet.

Capable, honest, qualified. CrossFit Playa del Inglés (Gran Canaria) is a better place now !!

See you soon!