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Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the costs to join the group?
There are not costs for the membership. The only requirement is to provide your E-Mail to subscribe to the mailing list with the prices and offers.
2What payment methods do you offer?
Bank transfer is our only payment method to reduce at minimum charges and fees.
3How often is the E-Mail with offers issued?
The E-Mail with offer is usually issued every month, unless there are some special times initiatives from our partner that requires a special message.
4Can I get a custom quote for large volume orders?
Definitely! For orders over £30,000 we can usually negotiate extra discounts with the manufacturers. Just get in touch for a special quote.
5What brands of gym equipment do you offer deals on most often?
We have ongoing deals from leading commercial brands like Assault Fitness, Concept2, XeniosUSA and others. Check the newsletter for the latest offers.
6Do your cardio machine warranties cover repairs?
Yes, the commercial grade warranties we offer cover parts, labour, and necessary shipping for repairs by the manufacturer within the warranty period, usually 2-3 years.
7Can I trade in my old equipment?
We do not offer trade-in and buy-back programmes of used gym equipment through our partners.
8Are there discounts for multi-site gyms and chains?
Yes, gyms and fitness chains with 3 or more locations qualify for our volume pricing tier with extra discounts off standard group buy pricing.
9Can I pay on finance over several instalments?
Payment plans are available on orders over £50,000. Contact us to discuss competitive monthly payment options from leading financing providers.

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